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First World War

Part of Akaroa Museum's research for the exhibition Fronting Up (9th August - 23 November 2014) involved developing a list of all soldiers and nurses from the Akaroa-Banks Peninsula community who served in the First World War.

The parameters of this listing were based on the "community" as identified at the time by the community. Names were mainly sourced from war memorials, and articles, accounts and letters published in the Akaroa Mail 1914-1919. Soldiers from Lyttelton Harbour are not included in our list, but soldiers from the eastern bays are. The names on the list were cross-referenced with service records using Archives New Zealand's Archway catalogue.

List of soldiers and nurses from Akaroa - Banks Peninsula who served in WW1 [PDF 90KB]

This list is arranged alphabetically by surname. It is likely that this list contains errors and omissions.

Photographs of many soldiers and two of the three nurses on the list are in the Museum's collection.