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J. H. Menzies: A reappraisal

An essay about a favourite Banks Peninsula artist J. H. Menzies (1839-1919) is now available on-line.

An essay about J. H. Menzies (1839-1919) was published in the journal Records of the Canterbury Museum at the end of December 2017.

Menzies designed and decorated St Luke’s Church at Little Akaloa and the house Rehutai at Menzies Bay, he also carved around 80 piece of furniture and published Maori Patterns Painted and Carved (1910). His work combines motifs from Maori art with botanical reliefs and Celtic designs.

The essay ‘J. H. Menzies: A reappraisal’ was written by our Collections Manager, Daniel Smith, and it’s free to read on-line or download: https://www.canterburymuseum.com/assets/Uploads/J-H-Menzies-a-reappraisal.pdf(external link)